IssTV & WestQuays look at the up & coming trends for spring - Day 2

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Day 2: Colour Consultation

Stand out from the crowd with the season’s brightest trend! Graphic panels of bold block colour give spring dresses and skirts an up-to-the minute feel, with pinks, greens, purples and oranges key to this statement look. If you’re still not convinced, dip a toe in the trend with bright accessories to add a flash of colour.
Vanessa delved into a rainbow of fashion possibilities on her fourth day at WestQuay, looking at which of this season’s key colours are most suited to her skin tone, hair and eye colour. She then took the plunge with a head-to-toe colour block outfit, layering shades of pink, green, blue and orange for an eye-catching spring look.

If you’re looking for some stand-out colour this season, then you can snap up the items featured at the following stores:

· Green Asymmetric Dress £65
· Royal Blue Dress £65
· Yellow Sleeveless Shirt £38
· White T-Shirt £16
· Pink Ruffle Vest £25

New Look:
· Pink Vest £3.99
· Green Top £18.99
· Blue Cardigan £14.99
· Skinny Jeans £24.99
· Orange Wedges £19.99

If you’d like to find out which shades you should be wearing, the colour experts at WestQuay’s Style Lounge can help you find out which colours suit you best and open up a whole new world of wardrobe opportunities. Do warm tones or cool shades flatter you? Book your appointment to find out, introducing new colours into your wardrobe and helping you feel confident with your look this season.


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