A bit of busking in Bournemouth, England (HD)

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"Hi everyone :) I am so sorry again that I didn't post any cover since Christmas as i was in England and my recording equipment wasn't that great...
But here is a little video of me busking in Bournemouth! I started last month for the first time and to be fair I really enjoyed it!!! It has been really hard to start actually, but once you've done it, it becomes really natural and honestly, it's amazing. The street becomes yours, literally!
So yeah, here is a cover of Trembling Hands by the Temper Trap.. it is pretty different to the version I am used to sing, but in the street you have to adapt yourself so I am singing quite loud as I dont have any speaker (which annoys me bit because I loose in quality..) But anyway! I hope you gonna like it! Dont hesitate to share and/or post a comment! :)"


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