Bournemouth Air Festival | Day 1 - RAF Red Arrows

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Update: I dedicate this video to Flt Lt Jon Egging, his Wife Emma and the RAF Red Arrows team. Sadly, Red Arrow pilot Jon Eggins died today (20/08/11) in a crash of his RAF Hawk T1. My most sincere condolences go to Jon Egging's family, his friends and the RAF Red Arrows team.

Unfortunately I cannot take the time to reply to each comment posted on this video. I would like to say thank you to all of you that have viewed this video and made comments. It has been a pleasure having this video on my channel and to read all of the heartfelt sympathies of the people commenting.

R.I.P Flt Lt Jon Egging - A true Hero.

RAF Red Arrows performing Aerobatics on Day 1 of the Bournemouth Air Festival
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