Who is ISSTV for? is for everybody who lives, works, visits or is interested in the county.

What content is broadcast?
We have many channels for you to choose from including Sports, Business, Tourism, Arts, Shopping, Community, People and others...

Who is behind it? has been developed by broadcasters, journalists and internet experts who are all connected to the county and who have international experience in the media world.

How can I get involved?
Easy - simply email us and tell us about what you’d like us to consider for production, any interesting stories or if you want your club, group or event publicised then send the information to us at and we can make editorial decisions on it.

Can anybody watch it?

Can I watch it at anytime?
Yes. 24/7

Can I watch it on my Mobile?
Yes. 24/7 – we have layouts for iPhone, Android & Blackberry

Does it cost anything to watch?
No. This is a free service for the community.

Can I upload content?
Yes, please sign up and go to ‘Upload’

If I want my event filmed or to advertise who do I contact?